In November 2006, City Council approved a motion directing administration to plan a multicultural facility in Clareview. The development of a multicultural facility was part of Council’s Special Initiative on Immigration and Settlement. In June 25, 2007, the Multicultural Facility Options Feasibility Study Project examined options to address the space needs of new and  emerging multicultural communities.

In November 2008, City Council’s Community Services Committee directed administration to study options relating to location, design, partnership opportunities and potential governance and operating models. This work reflected City Policy that “encourage and support public recreation and leisure partnership opportunities that include capital development, operations and programming”.

In 2008, the Multicultural Facility Development Plan was presented to City Council where the idea of a multicultural Centre combined with a recreation or other facility was suggested as a facility option. The new Clareview Community Recreation Centre was mentioned as a possibility.

The Clareview Multicultural Centre was approved in February, 2010 as an integral part of the new Clareview Community Recreation Centre, Edmonton Catholic School Board Completion High School and the Edmonton Public Library. The Multicultural Centre is designed as a major intercultural hub in northeast Edmonton and that new and emerging multicultural communities will be key partners in its development and operations.

The Multicultural Centre, while an integral part of the Clareview Community Recreation Centre, has its unique identity. More than a collection of physical spaces, it is a symbol of the City’s commitment to diversity and inclusion; it also demonstrates the City’s efforts at meaningful engagement of new and emerging multicultural communities with the greater Edmonton community. Moreover, the Centre aims to enable new and emerging multicultural communities to discover and use their entrepreneurial skills to make the Multicultural Centre both a socially and a financially viable initiative.

The Clareview Multicultural Centre aims to meet the need for space by new and emerging multicultural communities within the broader goal of economic development, intercultural engagement, cultural richness and community vibrancy.

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